MROTEK offers a vast range of services from PCB assembly (using both surface mount and through-hole technologies) to complete box builds and post manufacturing services.

Responsiveness, flexibility, and customer service are what set us apart. Our team of experts in electronic manufacturing is known for its operational excellence. We work collaboratively to design and implement tailored supply chains to each customer’s individual needs to bring flexibility and speed to meet demanding timelines.

With MROTEK’s focus on providing quality services, we have become one of the top global electronics manufacturing companies today. We are able to work with our customers to provide cutting edge technology in our electronics manufacturing services that help to manage costs while increasing durability and component reliability throughout its life cycle.

Our innovative team of engineers and supply chain experts whose industry-specific expertise and creativity helps MROTEK architect a solution that fits the constraints of (any specific)(your) business environment. We offer electronic contract manufacturing services that are truly customized and tailored to our customer’s requirements and specifications.


  • Surface Mount Technology
    From simple surface mount designs to complex high density circuits, MROTEK’s automated surface mount assembly line provides high-speed, repeatable assembly to meet your performance requirements. Any simple or multi-layer boards are perfect for MROTEK’s surface mount assembly line.
  • Thru-Hole Assembly
    MROTEK’s Through Hole Assembly, also known as thru hole assembly, process uses the latest models with the quickest possible turnaround rate in the industry. We assemble excellent stable sequencing performance with easy operating software utilizing its high precision through hole assembly both by hand, and automation to create electronic solder connections.
  • In-Circuit / Functional Tests

    Our Functional Test systems are an important part of the quality assurance of electronic products. During production, the quality of the equipment or assemblies is checked both in interim steps and at the end of the production process. We provide end-of-line test systems for the final complete functional test of finished products.

    The Functional Test is often also combined with an in-circuit test. In the in-circuit test, PCBs with mounted components or electronic components are contacted and tested for faults in printed conductor routing, soldering and component faults.

    • Conformal Coating
    • BGA Assembly / Inspection
    • Proto-Assembly
    • Chassis Assembly
    • Cable Harness
    • Document Control System
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Conformal Coating
  • BGA Assembly / Inspection
  • Proto-Assembly
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Cable Harness
  • Document Control System
  • Supply Chain Management



a) Product Engineering

    Embedded Design Engineering
  • > BSP Development and Customization
  • > Platform Porting
  • > Peripherals such as USB, PCI, GBE, Wi-Fi on RTOS like Linux/ucLinux/RTLinux.
  • > RTOS (Linux, Nucleus) Version migration, tool-chain porting
  • > Cross-compilation tool chains
  • > Development and Porting of Protocols stacks
  • > Pre-compliance and Environmental Testing
  • > Logical and physical drivers supporting various layers of protocol stacks for embedded applications.
  • > OS and Application porting across various architectures (ARM/MIPS).
  • > Programming/ Coding/ Testing/ Validation/Re- Engineering/ Migration to modern technology.
  • > Customer support/ Maintenance
    Product Design Expertise:
  • > Feasibility Analysis
  • > Product architecture
  • > Prototype Design
  • > Schematic Design/BOM
  • > Prototype Built
  • > PCB layout / Placement / Routing /fabrication/Assembly
  • > Pre-compliance and Environmental Testing
  • > Board Bring-up and testing
  • > Reliability Analysis (MTBF)
  • > Production Support
  • > Mechanical enclosure design for Sheet Metal, Plastic molding.
  • > Electronic manufacturing services
  • > FPGA/CPLD/MCU Design
  • > Embedded software
  • > Application software
  • > Product Validation.
    Hardware Design Engineering
  • > Micro controller and processor interface design based on 8051 controllers, MIPS Processor & ARMv Core.
  • > Memory Interface - SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, Flash, NAND , EPROM etc.
  • > Parallel and Serial port Compact FLASH interface
  • > Ethernet Switch & PHY : Marvell, Broadcom, IC+, RealTek & Micrel.
  • > High speed media interface includes 10/100/1000/10G Base-T, Fiber-155Mbps/1.25/2.5/10.25GbpsWi-Fi - IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n
  • > Bus Protocols - I2C, SPI, USB, SMBUS.
  • > GSM/IOT interface
  • > Engineering to Production Transfer
  • > Pilot and Mass production Support
  • > Compliance testing including Environmental and regulatory

b) Embedded System Development


Manufacturing capability Platforms

  • Surface Mount & TH Assembly
  • Test & R& D Equipments
  • R&D Test software tools
  • Machine capabilities


  • - Leased Line Modems-64/2048kbps
  • - Media Converters- 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • - Ethernet Switches ( PoE)
  • - Ethernet Bandwidth Managers
  • - Ethernet Edge Access multiplexers
  • - Ethernet Aggregators
  • - Multi-service Optical multiplexers
  • - Multi E1 over Ethernet
  • - Broadband Wireless Solutions
  • - Alarm Monitoring Devices