Modems & Converters


PINE-V35 is an Interface Converter between V.35 and E1 interface. It provides a solution of remote connection of routers and is a common equipment in WAN.

  • Stand-alone E1 to V35 interface converter
  • 1 x E1 interface and 1 x DTE interface (V35)
  • Extensive diagnostic via local & remote loopbacks & inbuilt BERT
  • Fault Pass through function
  • Plug & Play device
  • Supports Framed & Unframed E1 operation
  • Local & Remote Alarm Indication of E1 link
  • Alarm analysis with front panel LED indicators
  • Link monitoring through Managed Central Chassis
  • Wide Range AC/DC Power Supply


WITE LITE-2W is a G.SHDSL modem, which employs SHDSL TC-PAM technology to extend transmission range, thus enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs. The modem supports V.35, G.703 E1 User interfaces.

  • SHDSL modems, full duplex operation over 2W copper infrastructure
  • 1 x 2 Wire SHDSL interface and 1 x DTE interface (V.35, E1)
  • SHDSL modems operates at multiple data rates from 64-2048 Kbps
  • Extensive diagnostics with Local Analog, Remote Digital loopbacks
  • Supports Fault Pass Through function
  • DTE & SHDSL interface monitoring through Managed Central Chassis (Multiwaves-16 & WAVES-12)
  • WITELITE E1 modems with front panel dipswitches for loopback tests
  • Optional V.35 Loopback configurator for loopback tests
  • Wide Range AC/DC Power Supply
  • TEC Certified


PIXIE is a Modem Router with G.SHDSL uplinks and with the symmetrical data transmission up to 22.8 Mbps on 2-pairs. It cost-effectively extends multiple Ethernet services on existing copper lines. It could act as the gateway for small and medium enterprises to connect to Internet with adequate number of IPs and security functions. Flexible configuration of QoS enables SME customers to define different flows like VoIP, video and data with guaranteed or maximum bandwidth allocation.

  • G.SHDSL.bis Router for extending high speed Ethernet services over 2/4 wire copper infrastructure
  • x SHDSL.bis interface and 4 x Fast Ethernet ports
  • Flexibility to configure the same device in Bridge or Router mode
  • TCPAM-64 encoding for 11.4Mbps over 2-wire & 22.8Mbps over 4-wire
  • Annex-A/B/F/G support for satisfying different customer demands & distance limits
  • Optional E1 Interface on 4-wire modem for transporting TDM traffic
  • EFM Bonding & VLAN, Q in Q, Qos, Traffic Prioritization & Link Aggregation
  • Firewall, DMZ, NAT/PAT, IPSec VPN’s
  • Fully compatible with WAVES-12 Multiservice Access Rack
  • Management Options: Console CLI, Web-Browser, In-band Management
  • EOC for configuring/managing the remote unit
  • Wide Range AC/DC power supply