CYPRUS-04RS is an industrial grade RS232/485 to IP network converter which is designed for heavy duty and working at critical environment such as factory automation, military and power grid communications. RS-232/485 data is encapsulated into UDP/TCP packets; packet size is user selectable for different applications.
CYPRUS-04RS supports 4 isolated serial RS-232/485, two LAN and two up-link 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces. The serial RS-232/485 interfaces are full equipped with RTS/CTS handshaking signals and magnet isolated which guarantees the electrical isolation between RS232/485 DTE and DCE equipment. The serial data is packetized and transported per UDP/TCP protocols



  •    Serial interface
         EIA/TIA-232 RS-232 (ITU-T V.28)
         EIA/TIA-422 RS-422 (ITU-T V.11)
         EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)
  •   Serial interface:
        RS-422: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD- GND
        RS-485 4 wires: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD- GND
         RS-485 2 wires: A(corresponding TX+) B(corresponding TX-) GND
        RS-232: RXD TXD GND
  •   Power and mechanical
         System power supply : DC(9-48V)
         Power consumption : 5 w or less
         Appearance structure : 133*130*40mm (LxWxH)
  •    Environment
         Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃
         Storage temperature : -40℃ - +85℃
         Humidity 0 TO 95% non-condensing


CYPRUS-04S Compact, DIN Ril, Industrial Rail, 4 channel RS232/422/485 serial to Ethernet converter with DC(9-48V).