Omnieye is a mature enterprise-level monitoring platform used in a growing range of industries,designed to scale from small environments to large enterprises with cloud services. Gathering a limitless amount of data from the network. Analyses and visualizes accurate statistics and performance metrics as well as ensures real-time notifications about current and potential issues and offering a many more features in a single package

Data gathering
Availability and performance checks
support for SNMP,ICMP
Custom checks for adding custom OIDs
G‚Äčathering desired data at custom intervals with Minimal polling interval is 1 second for high frequency monitoring

Web Based monitoring 
Omnieye can follow a path of simulated mouse clicks on a web site and check for functionality.
A monitoring solution for multi-tenant environments
Utilize user groups to isolate tenants from each other.
Define user roles to control user access to different functions.
Create unique dashboards and maps for different tenants.

Extensive visualisation
Ability to create custom graphs that can combine multiple items into a single view
Create multi-level / nested maps - change the scope of your current view with a click of a button
Custom screens and slide shows for a dashboard-style overview
Reports for top 100 problems, Audit logs, Action Logs and Notifications 

Network discovery  
automatic discovery of network devices and provisioning
discovery of network interfaces and SNMP OIDs

Permissions system  
secure user authentication
certain users can be limited to certain views

Flexible threshold definitions 
you can define very flexible problem thresholds, called triggers, referencing values from the backend database
Highly configurable alerting
sending notifications through Email and SMS gateways can be customized for the escalation schedule, recipient, media type

Key Features

  • Web Based monitoring with multi tenancy
  • Extensive visualisation options
  • Flexible threshold definitions and Highly configurable alerting
  • Historical data storage and Real-time graphing
  • Easy configuration and Permissions system
  • On-premises /cloud environments
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Services Offered

  • End-to-End monitoring and visibility
  • Backed by professional services 
  • A monitoring solution for multi-tenant environments
  • Flexibility in decentralizing users  

Key Features

  • Single pane of glass for your entire Network  
  • Distributed monitoring
  • Access based user control 
  • SLA Management
  • Access based user control     

Business Benefits

  • Automated alerts for network issues
  • Compatibility with devices across vendors 
  • Gain greater visibility into their networks