Network System Integrator | Managed Network Services (Cloud/On Premises)

MRO-TEK Managed Network Services cover campus, datacenter, branch and WAN networks, with a clear focus on modernization and transformation wherever possible. Our expertise allows enterprises to gradually adopt technology advancements, without disruptions to day-to-day network operations.
Below is our Network Service Model, outlining our integrated approach to enterprise networking, irrespective of technology or the vendor.

As a network system integrator we offers the following services:

Planning and development.
The planning and development stage involves tasks related to infrastructure design, engineering of facilities, hardware assembly and configuration, and quality assurance.
Project consultation.
The consultation stage encompasses numerous facets of project management, including assessment of needs, project strategy, network architecture and design, technical assessments, feasibility analyses, request for proposal preparation, supplier evaluations, component sourcing, compliance checks, security audits, and business continuity preparation.
Reconfigure existing infrastructure.
Integrators link together different technologies and programs to facilitate seamless cross-functionality. This involves reconfiguring network connectivity and resolving issues owing to conflicting specifications. The network system integrator applies both hardware and software knowledge to build the required infrastructure. The goal is to achieve cross-compatibility and seamless interaction between products from different suppliers within the organization's budget.