Software Defined WAN

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Making enterprise networks Scalable, Agile and Secure

Simply put, SD-WAN, or Software-Defined WAN, is the concept of using software-based controllers on top of existing WAN architecture, to access better bandwidth, optimize traffic and dramatically improve network performance. SD-WAN technology enables organizations to abstract all network components, dynamically reallocate network resources and use software defined policies to manage network traffic. SD-WAN effectively takes your WAN to a significantly higher level of speed, consistency and control.

Think of SDN as the “software-ization” of infrastructure and a key part of a software-defined data  center. In an SDN, you detach the network hardware from the networking software and replace complex, physical hardware devices with changeable layers of software. SDNs decouple the software control panel from the forwarding hardware of nodes—such as routers and switches—and executes the control software either in a local server or in the cloud. The value of SDN is that the network can dynamically reconfigure in response to the needs of specific applications 

MRO-TEK's SD-WAN Services

MRO-TEK SD-WAN strategy focuses on a hybrid SDN and cloud design approach which can provide the cost-effective agility needed to be responsive to the organization's infrastructure. Our SD WAN transformation/migration services brings forth the next-generation WAN connectivity solution for Indian enterprises in today’s cloud centric environment where agility, flexibility and ease of management of entire network from a single user interface are paramount, and all this is delivered by reducing the overall TCO of the entire network.

 SD-WAN enables the broader goal of enterprises connecting users to applications in a cost-efficient WAN topology. It is independent of the type of network – wireless, wireline networks or the public internet – or, whether the applications are hosted in data centers or on  public cloud . This will also help enterprises’ branch offices to route traffic to the internet where a more expensive MPLS line is not necessary. In addition to SD-WAN technology, Mro-Tek offers a comprehensive framework for SD-WAN implementation that is tailored to Indian business needs around data security, last-mile-connectivity and performance monitoring.