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  • IRIS-C-16 is the next generation integrated fiber transmission platform. WDM product lines supports multi service traffic and hence it offers a comprehensive solution to Service Providers, Enterprise, Data Centers and Cable. The system is adopted with WDM technology and goes up to 160Gbps transmission capacity with distances up to 1000km

 - 19 inch
 - 2U Mini Chassis
 - EDFA card function
 - 1+1 Redundancy
 - Point to point topology
 - Active Ring Topology
 - Stacking supported
 - Hot Pluggable Power Supply
 - 8 x Transponder Card
 - 4 x EDFA Card
 - 2 x Band filter
 - 2 x Mux/Demux


  • IRIS-08 is a cost effective, 1 RU chassis and multi-service WDM transmission platform which provides 8 wavelengths for point to point application, or 4 wavelengths ring application per device, more wavelengths application is possible by stacking multiple boxes at each location.

 - 8 channel of multi service transmission
 - 1Gb/s to 40Gb/s
 - 3R (CDR) for all channel
 - 1+1 Optical channel protection
 - 1+1 OLP protection
 - Configurable LLF
 - Configurable Tx Sync
 - Point to point, ring and stacking topology
 - Hot pluggable SFP/SFP+
 - EDFA for amplification

 - 8 x User Ports
 - 2 x OSC Channel
 - 1 x Mux/Demux Card
 - 2 x EDFA Slot
 - 1 x Console Port


  •  IRIS-DC-01 Dispersion Compensator has the capability of slope compensation which can supply the broad-band dispersion slope compensation for SMF-28 fiber (G.652) in whole C-band to optimize the system residual dispersion. With the mature and reliable optical fiber processing, the performance of optical transmission system can be sharply improved.
  • The dispersion range of 1550nm wavelength can achieve -10 ~ -2100ps/nm. Special requirements in central wavelength and dispersion can be provided. Using these dispersion compensation modules, the transmission distances in fiber can be increased significantly without regenerating the signals. In a DWDM network, significant costs can be saved by eliminating regeneration points.
  • G.652 optical fiber C-band 100% Slope compensation (Standard)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low Polarization mode dispersion
  • DWDM system broad-band dispersion compensation
  • Performance compatible with Telcordia GR-2854-CORE
  • Various Mechanical Structure, connectors are provided
  • Recommend operation with mid-stage optical amplifier to get excellent character


  • The IRIS-AM-01 is managed single channel Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) booster for C-band. It has a large dynamic range while providing excellent broadband noise performance.
  • Low noise figure: typical is<5.0dB
  • Output wavelength 1550.12nm
  • High-performance dual-pluggable power supply: 110V/220V mixed with -48V
  • Perfect network interface: Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232
  • Support Telnet and SNMP network management
  • Gain can be adjustable by network and manual.
  • High precision AGC and ATC circuit.
  • Flexible mechanical and circuit structure.