Western Coal Fields

WAN Connectivity for Western Coalfields

Mro-Tek Realty Limited along with BSNL was engaged by Western Coalfields a subsidiary of Central Coal Fields one of the nation’s largest Public sector units to assist in the strategic sourcing of their IT spends. WCL were planning to rollout Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software across all their branches, but there were few limitations with their existing network backbone.


  1. Distributed Architecture 
  2. WAN is built over VPLS (Layer 2 Extension of LAN over RF) 
  3. Single Broadcast domain 
  4. Network uptime and Performance issues  

SMEs from Mro-Tek and from BSNL designed and built a new network with MPLS. BSNL being a Telco offered their bandwidth and Mro-Tek did the system integration work which included supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Network consisting of Radio Modems (RF), routers, switches, UPS etc. 

The project span across 450+ locations spread across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. All the branches connecting over MPLS have variable bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Mbp while the DC is connected over 300Mbps. 

As part of Project fulfillment Mro-Tek have setup a Network Operation Center (NOC) at WCL head Quarter which provides 24x7x365 days of continuous monitoring for the network and also does the coordination with BSNL and WCL for fault rectification.

Advantages with the offered solution:
1. Dramatic increase in bandwidth Centralized control of Network across branches ·
2. Ability to converse from site to site ·
3. Addition of Class of Service to prioritize traffic across the network - And


Bandwidth availability increased significantly (Three to fourfold), centralized control of Network was established, and sites were able to communicate directly with one another.

Each site was also allowed to prioritize traffic through its own local access and across the network with the addition of QoS (Quality of Service). By consolidating networks and implementing the new wide area network structure, our customer’s actual net costs decreased heavily per year while provided much greater serviceability to its locations. This sourcing initiative was approached with a collaborative mindset and, by combining the collective resources and category expertise of Mro-Tek, BSNL and its customer, the team was able to obtain best-in-class total value for this telecommunications procurement project.
The net result was a network that provided an easily managed resource with dramatic increase in bandwidth and functionality, prepared for future growth, and significant cost reduction.

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