ECAT-01LThe is a low cost ‘TDM’ Access Multiplexer which multiplexes up to 4 E1 channels and one Fast Ethernet over single 100Base -X fiber link
ECAT-01L provides simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for transporting 4 E1channels and one Fast Ethernet transparently over single Fast Ethernet fiber for point- to-point applications at distances upto 100 km / 62 miles
transmits each of the E1 channels independently offering clear channels maintaining high throughput for E1 channel over fast Ethernet optical link without any traffic performance degradation

The ECAT-01L unit permits improved utilization of Fiber links, due to its capability to multiplex 4E1 and one Fast Ethernet channels over 100BASE-X Fiber link. ECAT-01L can be utilized by Telcos, Carriers & Service Providers to transport E1 channels over long haul fiber links. The E1 channels are transmitted as packets and are de-multiplexed and reconstructed at the remote end. ECAT-01L deployment benefits Carriers & Service Providers in reducing their operational and maintenance cost considerably.



  •    100BASE-FX port :
       SC Connector(2 port) : Main fiber link + Redundant link
  •   100BASE-T port :
      Shielded RJ-45
        Half/Full Duplex support
       Auto MDI-I / MDI-X
  •    E1 channels (G.703 balanced)
        RJ45 (4 ports)
        Data Rate : 2048 Kbps
       Framing : G.703
       Line Coding : HDB3
  •   LED Indicators
       PWR(Green) - Power Status
       Fx1, Fx2 LED(Green) - Fiber link Status
       LOS(Red) - Error Detection
       AIS (Yellow) - Alarm Indication
       TEST(Green) - Test Status
       LNK/ACT (Green) - Link / Activity Status for Ethernet port
       10/100 - Speed of Copper port
  •    DIP switches :
       4 nos to Enable / Disable loopbacks
       Local (LLB) & Remote (RLB)
  •   Power :
       90V to 270 VAC, 10W
       -40V to -60 VDC, 5W (max)
  •   Environment
       Operating Temperature :
       0°– 50°C / 32°– 122°F
       Humidity :
       10% to 90%, non-condensing
       Physical Dimensions :


ECAT-01L/SA/# 4E1 channels over optical fiber uplink (no redundancy)for point-to point connectivity
ECAT-01L/SA/2FX/# 4E1 channels over redundant optical fiber uplink for point-to point connectivity
ECAT-01L/SA/FE/# 4E1 channels and 1 FE over optical fiber uplink (no redundancy) for point-to point connectivity
ECAT-01L/SA/FE/2FX/# 4E1 channels and 1 FE over redundant optical fiber uplink for point-to point connectivity