Falcon3906 and associated model is next-generation enterprise-class access router. Supporting routing, QoS, security, provide the flexible access modes and secure and high-efficiency service experience for the users. Supporting Modular card with legacy interface. Application includes enterprise, Head Quarter and Branch routing


  • VPN, Multicast, ACL, NAT, MAC address Binding.
  • Routing – Static, RIP, OSPF, BGP & IS-IS.
  • QoS – RSVP, CAR, Queue-FIFO, PQ, CQ, FQ, CBWFQ & LLQ.
  • Security – IEEE802.1X, RADIUS, TACACS;
  • Management – Web, CLI, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, USB, SYSLOG, TR069, Netflow;
  • Management with IPv4;
  • Variants with AC Power support;


FALCON-R-3906/IWM10 Router 16GET+8GEF+2*10GE Ports, AC PWR;
FALCON-R-3906/IWM05 Router 16GET+8GEF Ports, AC PWR;
FALCON-R-3906/IWM40 Router 4GET+4GEF+4*10GE Ports, AC PWR;
FALCON-R-1908 Router 4GET + 1GEF+ 8GET Ports, AC PWR;
FALCON-R-801 Router with 5GET ports, AC PWR