Falcon-EYE-09 is an all-in-one UTM that operates at gigabit speed up to 1.8 Gbps and carries several main categories across your network security deployments: firewall security protection, policy auditing (anti-virus, In-Line IPS, content filtering, VPN bandwidth, and authentication), and easy management (bulletin board and Co-Defense). The web-based interface provides friendly and consistent user experience, auto firmware update, and multi-languages supported. Configuration files can be imported and exported directly to and from Falcon-EYE-09. By simply plugging in a USB modem into Falcon-EYE-09 are supported to offer secure and uninterrupted WAN connectivity.
Falcon-EYE-09 offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for SMBs in a more complicated network environment which allows for more potential attacks.



  •    Firewall & Network Management  
    • Stateful & Deep Packet Inspection Firewall
    • Deployment in Gateway and Transparent Mode
    • Stops all DoS; Prevents DNS Spoofing & Flooding, SYN flooding
    • Block ARP spoofing、MAC & IP collision
    • NAT & Access Rules, FQDN, DNS Forwarder, DNS Proxy, Port Forwarding
    • Supports IP v4 & v6
    • Route – Static/Dynamic, RIPv2、BGP、OSPF
    • Object-oriented policy
  •    Access/Interface Management  
    • Static, DHCP, PPPoE, 3G/4G Support
    • Integration of Radius、AD、IMAP、POP3 server for authentication
    • Setup multiple VLAN, Zones, 802.1Q, 802.3ad
    • Manager IP address bind, MAC Whitelist/Blacklist
    • Admin/Users 2FA via Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator
  •    High Availability & Load balancing  
    • Support Active/passive mode
    • Inbound/outbound Load balancing
    balance mode : Session、Source IP address、Destination IP address、Minimum First
  •    URL Filtering  
    • Add IP address(IPv4、IPv6)/URL/Domain to blacklist/whitelist
    • Built-in default black list including malicious、suspicious、aggressive website
    • Block Log  
  •    Application Control  • Multiple application categories e.g. P2P, IM, VOIP, Web, Webmail, game, video, spyware, stock, and others
    • Administrators can use policies to prohibit their users from accessing applications 
  •    Bandwidth/Traffic Management  • Support Qos by source IP address & policy
    • Bandwidth policy on a user/ip/mac/subnet/user group
    • Qos on using a certain application
    • Anomaly IP analysis, detect & block any suspicious flow 
  •    Mail Security  • Employs multiple spam mechanisms: ST-IP network rating, fingerprinting, Bayesian filtering, auto learning, auto-whitelist, system and personal Blacklist/Whitelist and spam characteristics filtering
    • Offers Email content and spam filtering
    • Shared spam signatures
    • Email Auditing module for advanced filtering and quarantine
    • Data loss prevention by set Personal information filter in Mail Audit 
  •    Anti-Virus & Advance Threat Protection  • Uses Clam AV engine with huge database includes millions of signatures which get updated regularly and requires no yearly subscription fees
    • Optional Kaspersky module
    • Virus, Worms, Trojan detection & Removal
    • Zero Day Protect : Sandstorm
    • Automatic Virus Signature Database Update
    • Scans HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP/S, POP3, IMAP 
  •    Intrusion Detection & Prevention
      • Signatures : Default (31900 +)
    • IPS action : Log & block
    • Automatic / USB offline update signature database 
  •    Performance
    • UTM throughput (1518, TCP) – 1.8 Gbps 
    • IPsec VPN throughput – 200 Mbps
    • Concurrent session – 2,000,000
    • No. of IPsec VPN Tunnels - 500
    • No. of SSL VPN peers - 100 
  •    Hardware 
    • Memory – 2GB
    • Gbps Ethernet Ports – 1 MGMT. Giga port、3 Giga ports
    • 2USB ports, 1 console 
  •    System Management  
    • Integrated wizards for user-friendly setup
    • Supports hardware interrupts to the CPU
    • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
    • Offers HTTPs web management
    • Supports DDNS service, DNS service, and SNMP service 
  •    Virtual Private Network  
    • Support SSL VPN、PPTP、L2TP ; IPsec VPN tunnel
    • Agent based SSL VPN supporting 2FA
    • SSL Authentication – local、AD、Radius、IMAP、POP3 server
    • IPsec encryption – 3DES、DES、AES ; Hash Algorithm – MD5、SHA-1、SHA-256、SHA-512
    • IPsec Authentication - Preshared key
    • Diffie Hellman Groups - 2, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Dead Peer Detection, PFS Support
    • AutoVPN for admin deploy site-site VPN in easily way
    • Granular Access Control to all network resources
    • Certificate Management  


Falcon-EYE-09 AC power supply.