PINE-4/8is a Network Termination Unit connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over eight bonded E1 circuits. The device enables Service Providers to supply high capacity Ethernet services to remote locations and transport connection of Corporate WANs over existing E1 or T1. The device can be used in point-to-point or in hub-and-spoke topology operating opposite PINE-155. The device uses HDLC/ GFP bonding to create a scalable large virtual pipe of upto 8E1.



  •    Compliance to standards :
       IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation, IEEE 802.1ad QinQ
       IEEE 802.1p CoS Prioritization, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control, IEEE 802.3ah
        OAM, IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management, ITU Y.1731 Services
       OAM, Static Routing, RMON I and II standards, SNMPv1/v2c/v3,
       ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.823, G.824, Bellcore GR-499-CORE, ANSI T1.403
  •   Performance :
      Switching fabric 0.832~1Gbps
  •    Capacity :
        32MB SDRAM, 8MB flash, 128KB Switch Buffer
  •   Number of ports :
       4/8 FE ports, 8 E1/T1 ports, 1 Console port
       Fast Ethernet port :
        FE ports10Base-TX (RJ-45, Cat3/Cat4/Cat5 UTP), 100Base-TX (RJ-45, Cat5 UTP)
       MTU : 1632 Bytes
       Supports auto-MDI/MDIX
       LNK/ACT (Green) - Link / Activity Status for Ethernet port
       10/100 - Speed of Copper port
  •    E1 port :
       Bit Rate : 2.048Mbps
       Line Coding : HDB3
       Impedance: : 120 Ohms Balanced / 75 Ohms Unbalanced
       Connector : RJ-45 / BNC
       Standards compliance : ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.823
       Console port : RJ-45
  •   LED Indicators :
       System Indicator, Power Supply Indicator
       Indicators for Ethernet ports : LNK/ACT and 100 Mbps
       Indicators for E1 ports : LOS (Loss of signal)
       -40V to -60 VDC, 5W (max)
  •   Power supply :
       AC+DC dual input option
        AC range : 100~240V AC,
        DC range : -36V ~ -72V DC
       Power consumption : < 10W (at max load)
  •   Environment
       Operating Temperature : 0°– 55°C
       Humidity : 10% to 90%, non-condensing
       Storage Temperature : -25~70-deg centigrade
       Physical Dimensions :192*172*44mm


PINE/8E1/4FE/AC/DC 4Intelligent Ethernet Demarcation Device, four 10/100Mbps FE ports, eight E1 (120 Ohm balanced) RJ-45 uplink, working with (AC+DC) dual power input option. AC range : 100 ~ 240V, DC range : -36V ~ -72V DC.
PINE/8E1/8FE/AC/DC Intelligent Ethernet Demarcation Device, Eight 10/100Mbps FE ports, eight E1 (120 Ohm balanced) RJ-45 uplink, working with (AC+DC) dual power input option.AC range : 100 ~ 240V, DC range : -36V ~ -72V DC.